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El Puente Bilingual Spanish School Mexican Anchor Babies: Mexican Takeover of US Public Schools

 Criminal Trespass: The exploding population of Anchor babies and illegal aliens in our public schools is due to criminal trespass into the United States. Arrest and deport the parents ! http://www.debbieschlussel.com/31936/illegal-alien-anchor-babies-cost-la-600-milln-last-year/ It’s like this all over the US. Illegal aliens … Continue reading

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Bumpoholics: New PC term to diguise skyrocketing birth rate in US due to Illegal aliens mexicans and anchor baby syndrome

http://www.tesh.com/ittrium/visit?path=A1xc797x1y1xa5x1x76y1x244fx1x9by1x2454x1y5x1c28cx5x1 goto the John Tess site and enter Bumpoholic. This is an excellent example of where the Corporate, PC world  meets the Real World and tries to find a nice polite term devoid of race, nationality, diversity, or controversy to … Continue reading

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flagged off of Craigslist- Mexican breeders work hard from the waist down

latina breeders dropping out of school (their vagina’s work hard though) Date: 2009-09-17, 8:08PM PDT Reply To This Post   http://stoptheinvasionoforegon.wordpress.com/2009/08/30/latina-breeders-mexican-illegal-alienswith-sharpie-eyebrows-drop-out-of-highschool/warning scary pictures of sharpie eyebrows ! My new theory : the Aztec god of human sacrifice has been reborn . Their Cannibal … Continue reading

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