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Immigrant English Spellcheck & Black Fry-Day- Humour

“I honestly take so many things in life for granite”  above written by an immigrant of the educated variety , such as a Hindu from India. Spell Check is not always our Friend.

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Occupy Portland: Anthony Burgess Black African Male Shoves Portland Cop into Tri-Met Bus

 Doesnt the Black Dude Look Proud of His Black Self? Shades of Detroit/ Shades of Oakland Occupy ,where a black male Occupier  yelled to the blonde female reporter” We kill white bitches like you” – in case you wonder why … Continue reading

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Naomi Wolf : Idiot Supreme On Muslims and How to Get Arrested

http://aconservativelesbian.com/2009/08/31/phyllis-chesler-punksmacks-naomi-wolf-couldnt-happen-to-a-nicer-girl/   a menace to women and the poor world-wide . with  her foolish advice and examples that can only back-fire. 

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Occupy Portland Disintegrates :Filth Crazy People :Black Humour

there seems to be PC  thought control going on with Pro Occupy Portland Types, the ones that think they are progressive. To think that 500 people can camp out in a small space while welcoming anyone who is poor and … Continue reading

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