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Aztlan 3rd Gen Mexican spews Hatred at White Americans

White Hating 3rd generation illegal Mexican( his grandparents crossed the border illegally) calls White Americans “cabbages” . The Mexican Migrants still picking  produce are picking it for mexican anchor babies on food stamps and State Department Immigrants from Iran and … Continue reading

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Two Mexican-Hispanic Males Shoot White American Jacob Way,Mcminnville Oregon Crime victims of illegal aliens

19 year old Legal White American Non-Hispanic Male shot in altercation in McMinnville McMinnville Police Dept. – 10/01/09 It is extremely easy to get into a fight with mexicans because they are violent, nasty and provoking to just about anyone.  By … Continue reading

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American Hero Arrested for Political Protest over Mexican Invasion of Oregon:Mexican Swine Flu Mattress"

Clackamas County Deputy Arrests American Hero  Responsible For Discarding “Mexican Swine Flu Mattress” On Overpass for pointing out how much Rubbish Mexicans have created in the area.  Arlo Guthrie and Alice’s Restaurant in the 1960’s dealt with the same overreaction by police. … Continue reading

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Anne Pressly: Black Male Murders and Rapes White Woman- : Hate Crime against Whites

Anne Pressly’s Black Male murders and rapes white woman anchorwoman named Pressly ( Obama’s People say yes yes we can rape murder white women. This one is for South africa sucks- In the US black males have been murdering and … Continue reading

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