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Breaking News! Alejandro the Mexican Stabs Stolen Orange Cab on the Loose in Mexican Occupied Hillsboro Oregon

Breaking News! Alejandro the Mexican Stabs Friend Steals Orange Cab in Mexican Occupied Hillsboro Oregon    Hillsboro Police Investigate Stabbing and Cab Theft Hillsboro Police Dept. – 03/07/11  Taxpayers pay for hospital of Illegal mexican wetback stabbed – dont use … Continue reading

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Officer Steve Smith seriously injured by Ezequiel Quevedo:" Lying ,Crappy-Driving, Mexican Truck Driver in Salem( occupied territory)

Officer Steve Smith was seriously injured byan illegal alien /Lying /Crappy Driving/ Mexican / named Ezequiel Quevedo ,Truck Driver in Salem( occupied territory Of Mexico)   it is important that A Mexican  Driver harmed a police officer, due to his crappy … Continue reading

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HIV positive Illegal aliens demand free medical from US Taxpayers

Tuesday, August 5, 2008 HIV positive illegal aliens er,,,,, I mean mostly mexicans http://www.theurbangrind.net/?p=2785 On HIV Positive Illegal Aliens Our refusal to do anything about our porous Southern border is only making the illegal aliens more brazen (if such a … Continue reading

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