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El Puente Bilingual Spanish School Mexican Anchor Babies: Mexican Takeover of US Public Schools

 Criminal Trespass: The exploding population of Anchor babies and illegal aliens in our public schools is due to criminal trespass into the United States. Arrest and deport the parents ! http://www.debbieschlussel.com/31936/illegal-alien-anchor-babies-cost-la-600-milln-last-year/ It’s like this all over the US. Illegal aliens … Continue reading

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Five Illegal Mexican Drug Dealers arrested @ #36 at Barclay Square Apts Oregon City

Five  Illegal Mexican Drug Dealers arrested @ #36 at Barclay Square Apts  Oregon City ( psst Pelosi- the Mexican breeder is pregnant- does that make it criminal for ICE to deport her?) Update: (Unit #36 at Barclay Square Apts / … Continue reading

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