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Sanctuary City Portland Busts three Illegal Mexican? Meth Dealers :Lorenzo Ramirez, Loreto Alberto Saligan, Marcial Martinez, Carlos

  Sanctuary City Portland Busts  three Illegal Mexican Meth Dealers :Lorenzo Ramirez, Alberto,Saligan, Marcial Martinez, Carlos Note one of the Illegal Meth dealers is clearly an African Hispanic and may be from a Central American Country  where mating with Black … Continue reading

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Escobar, Alfonso arrested Public Drunkenness: Note his African Mulatto Heritage

Just another day In Portland Oregon: Drunk Mexican Arrested and Released. What a Joke! Note his African features: One million Black African Slaves were absorbed into the Mexican Population, yet Mexicans( who are racist) hide this and pretend to be … Continue reading

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2.2 million (mexicans) on Welfare in Los Angeles County:1 in 5

2.2 million (mexicans) on Welfare in Los Angeles County:1 in 5 (this is from the LA times which is completely pro-illegal and pro-mexi-trash) Check out the mexican sharpies eyebrows on the Mexi-female who cant get work)   Los Angeles County, … Continue reading

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