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Mexican Roadkill: Darwin Awards Mexican Leticia Salazer-Cerde Slams Kia into Ambulance Dies in Portland OR Sanctuary City

UPDATE: #2 Driver Identified in Fatal Crash at 102nd and East Burnside Portland Police Bureau – 01/26/11 bummer mexican shuts down roads for hours so mexican drug dealers and gang members have trouble getting to their next deal or stabbing … Continue reading

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Jose Manuel Hernandez Bailon: Drunk Mexican Kills Himself in Tualatin Car Crash-SW Grahams Ferry closed for five hours due to drunk illegal mexican twice the legal limit at the time of the crash.

 I’m very sorry this illegal alien/anchor baby  from Mexico has been allowed to waste the  taxpayer’s money with his free medical treatments at OHSU , when thousands of legal Americans in Oregon have no medical insurance  and are homeless , due … Continue reading

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Silverton Oregon: Drunk Illegal Mexican Tello-Montes, Luis Alberto Steals Car Crashes

 Silverton Oregon: Drunk Illegal Mexican Tello-Montes, Luis Alberto  Steals Car Crashes Silverton wetback arrested for DUII after crashing into Pudding River Marion Co. Sheriff’s Office – 03/31/09 how many mexicans have to drive drunk and cause crashes before Americans fight … Continue reading

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Drunk Mexican Alberto Baca, Hillsboro drives drunk into River

Hillsboro Man Drunk Dangerous most likely Illegal Mexican  Hospitalized after Crashing Car over River Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office – 01/21/09 The case will be turned over to the District Attorney’s Office for possible DUII and Reckless Driving charges.( possible? how about … Continue reading

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