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Riots & Anarchy in Egypt : Overpopulation not Political Oppression the Cause

http://www.galtoninstitute.org.uk/Newsletters/GINL9303/poverty.htmy Americans who are naive enough to think Egyptians ,or any other 3rd world country are rioting for free speech or liberty are completely foolish. They have been trying their best to murder journalists and foreigners . From a biological viewpoint, too many humans in a … Continue reading

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Ayad Al-Musawi: Muslim Immigrant steals $300,000 in Ink from Xerox to sell on Ebay

Nearly $300,000 in Printer Ink Seized in Search Warrant Washington Co. Sheriff’s Office – 04/09/09 yes another ugly immigrant; for sure he is an immigrant, the next question is he illegal like Obama’s  Aunt? Shouldn’t he be deported? Summary of … Continue reading

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