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Cecilia Ramirez-mexican puta at Nursing home rationalizes illegal aliens from mexico

Note the mexican persecution complex, which justifies all the stealing robbing and raping by Illegal aliens from Mexico. This is Mexican Logic: If the laws don’t prevail in their favor , they have the right to break them. The assumption … Continue reading

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Mexican Gang Shooting Monterey Springs Apts in Happy Valley Oregon – One 16 mexi-trash male shot

Clackamas County Mexican Gang Shooting Monterey Springs Apts in Happy Valley Oregon – One 16 yr old mexi-trash male shot  Yes, Mexicans really make Oregon wonderful, now this illegal wetback will cost the taxpayers a fortune for his visit to … Continue reading

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Stolen Social Security Number by Illegal Mexican causes arrest and Destruction of one American Family

   Mexicans( and illegal aliens from other countries) are willing to steal,destroy to get what they think is theirs;ie western wealth. There are no nice, sweet, little mexicans.Following is what happens to Americans when an illegal alien enters your life. Those in … Continue reading

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