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Busted! Oregonian & Emily E. Smith For Hiding Immigration Status ( ICE HOLD) of Five Mexican Drug Dealers;Rosal Basurto-Velazquez ;Rosas-Miranda;Gomez-Renteria

  the Oregonian gets worse and worse about hiding the truth of the invasion. Scroll down to the part in red and read what the real report said. Shame on the Oregonian. The Clark-Skamania Drug Task Force targeted drug traffickers … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Bill would investigate how many Mexican brats in the public schools are Illegal Aliens House Bill 3384, by Rep. Randy Terrill, R-Moore

Hispanic leaders cry that this is “how the holocaust started”.   Thats the first good news I’ve heard in a long time, it would certainly solve a lot of problems and lower our tax bills. Pls see thread about using mexicans … Continue reading

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Population Explosion of Mexicans In Oregon from 1990

Facts about Oregon’s Illegal alien anchor baby mexican wetback criminal scum barrios   Read about how many Mexicans are in Prison:http://tiny.cc/G2ZUz http://tiny.cc/Z49AB– population explosion http://immigrationcounters.com/ http://tiny.cc/labor94 ( Following is a link from a pro- hispanic organization- the facts are a … Continue reading

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Rolando Ramirez shot Mexican Gang shooting North Portland- Sanctuary City for Illegal alien criminals

I think it’s really nice of the criminal mexican under-class to provide full employment to doctors, nurses, ambulances, police, shrinks, social workers etc. After all how would  Americans afford a head of lettuce if we hadnt let in most of … Continue reading

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Illegal Mexican Ana Gonzalez-Vargas arrested forgery, ID theft, of Elderly American Woman at Salem Oregon Nursing Hometwelve counts of Identity Theft, nine counts of Computer Crime, Theft In The First Degree, Forgery In The First Degree, three counts of Criminal Mistreatment

Mexican Suspect  Latina Ana Gonzalez-Vargas 24, arrested forgery, ID theft, of   Elderly American Woman at Salem  Oregon Nursing Home Ana ,the illegal alien from Mexico, the lying Latina puta, opened up a checking acct for her anchor baby with the … Continue reading

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Bumpoholics: New PC term to diguise skyrocketing birth rate in US due to Illegal aliens mexicans and anchor baby syndrome

http://www.tesh.com/ittrium/visit?path=A1xc797x1y1xa5x1x76y1x244fx1x9by1x2454x1y5x1c28cx5x1 goto the John Tess site and enter Bumpoholic. This is an excellent example of where the Corporate, PC world  meets the Real World and tries to find a nice polite term devoid of race, nationality, diversity, or controversy to … Continue reading

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Stop Birthright Citizenship- No More Anchor Babies: Breeders go home

Anchor Babies: illegal immigration via the birth canal     By JOHN REINIERS Special to Hernando Today Published: January 25, 2008   About every six months the population of the U.S. increases about as much as the population of Tallahassee. … Continue reading

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