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Octo-breeder Nadya Suleman & Iraqi Immigrant dad are buying a $500,000 house

http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/us_world/TMZ-Suleman-Moving-to-La-Habra-House.html?corder=&pg=1 of course that is the way of the United States these days; the most dishonest win and the rest of us pay for it.  In another  story, Nadya claimed to be buying it  herself from  “opportunities”.  We now know she … Continue reading

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Deport Nadya Suleman: Ethnic welfare breeder working the taxpayers into bankruptcy: MOD hacked Suleman Site-Nadya facing Eviction

Nadya is now facing eviction because her equally loser parent’s haven’t paid the mortgage in 10 months. http://stoptheinvasionoforegon.wordpress.com/2009/02/19/nadya-octo-breeder-spawn-of-14-face-eviction-deport-sulemans-back-to-iraq/ Tired of Anchor babies and breeders?.  You can send free faxes from this website:  http://www.numbersusa.com Suleman was perhaps not prepared for the … Continue reading

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Update: Suleman Website Hacked by MOD(mothers of disappointment): Immigrant Iraqi Nadya suleman, Breeder of 14 wants Tv show and $ 2 Million has deal & Nayda suleman website hustling for money

Immigrant Iraqi Nadya suleman, Breeder of 14 wants Tv show and $ 2 Million deal  mothers of disappointment hacked her site and defaced her picture just hours after it was put up:” http://weeklyworldnews.com/headlines/6233/nadya-sulemans-website-hacked/ Octo-breeder is the spawn of a green … Continue reading

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