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Octo-breeder Nadya Suleman & Iraqi Immigrant dad are buying a $500,000 house

http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/us_world/TMZ-Suleman-Moving-to-La-Habra-House.html?corder=&pg=1 of course that is the way of the United States these days; the most dishonest win and the rest of us pay for it.  In another  story, Nadya claimed to be buying it  herself from  “opportunities”.  We now know she … Continue reading

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Nadya Suleman ;Octo Breeder & spawn of 14 face eviction :Deport Suleman's back to Iraq

Nayda Octobreeder & spawn of 14 face eviction February 18, 2009 (  The entire family is a nightmare example of what the US has become: a corrupt nation of immigrants who leech off the welfare system and show no responsibility for anything. Sorta reminds … Continue reading

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