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Breaking News! : Erik Rosario-Flores of Newberg: Mexican Anchor Baby; Busted Kidnapping Trespass Burgalry Menacing

¬†Breaking News! : Erik Rosario-Flores of Newberg:¬† Mexican Anchor Baby; Busted Kidnapping Trespass Burgalry Menacing Newberg-Dundee 503-538-8321 Brian T. Casey Chief of PoliceOn Wednesday March 23, 2011 at approximately 12:48 pm officers from the Newberg-Dundee Police Department received a 911 … Continue reading

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Luis Gallo-Camacho illegal mexican in Coos bay oregon attempted murder by stabbing of americans

Mexican Shacked up with American Woman stabs four people In Coos bay Oregon( our new Gresham?) OFIR members and supporters:This is the fifth e-mail alert in four days reporting on crimes committed by suspected illegal aliens in Oregon. The reports … Continue reading

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